FWS::V2 Release 10 Live!

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CPAN release 10 is now live as version FWS-V2-1.13091122.    This release is the landmark of the CLI version of FWS and the web rendering version combined.  With combining them the CPAN version will now share the same version system as the web rendering version so... I guess its not fair to call it release 10 anymore.   Thanks for everyones hard work making this transition. An extended recognition to Richard Crawford, Julia Hollender and Amanda Lewis.   Hats off to them, and everyone that took part in this release!

Why is this good?

# My server knows about FWS - lets just use its version and we are
# good to go for web rendering

use FWS::V2;

If your server has the current FWS installed, no need to maintain it per instance.   This update is promoted to enhance use of cloud based hosting with FWS and instant installs that no longer require pulling the core package down when creating a new instance.   Your admin package can still be independent of the core code which allows even more versatility, and exciting customization opportunities for the future!

CPAN release:

Current development and master branch at github:

If you would like to be involved in our open source project and be part of the FWS team let us know at development (at) frameworksites.com.   There is several initiatives bringing new functionality and wider support to FWS.


JavaScript Load Time Performance Change

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To improve load time of pages using JQuery and other admin components a new feature to the core has been added to "Lazy Load" the jquery libraries.   Lazy loading is the act of loading javascript at the bottom of the document instead of in the <head> tag.   When JavaScript loads in the head, it has to wait for it to load before rendering the page, so by putting it at the bottom of your document the page can render, then load these resources afterwords.


Why is this good?

By default pages will load faster!   FWS has been around, and built while these best practices were being developed.   Doing it now will be good for the greater good of FWS.


Why is this bad?

Some older elements and plugins may have some javascript that depends on it.    But... not a big deal.  We have a work around so you don't have rewrite your old plugins or elements.  Open your go.pl add this line in along with your other options:


loadJQueryInHead => 1,


This will load JQuery just the way it used to be.   Not a bad thing, just not as fast and modern as lazy loading it.  


How will I know if this update broke something?

When using your website you will see JavaScript failing with error messages.  The most common error you will see is caused by using inline <script> tags on initial page rendering:


Uncaught ReferenceError: $ is not defined


How to fix an element or plugin the awesome way?

If you do have an element or plugin that is effected, of course the best answer is to rewrite your JS in a way that doesn't need inline script tags.   Usually you can just take your JavaScript and use the $fws->addToFoot( ' what ever JS you had inside the script tag ' ) to solve your problem.   This will add your javascript at the bottom of your document below the JQuery loading.    

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