Google Universal Analytics added to FWS core


Today we just added the basic implementation of the google universal analytics support.   All newest versions of the core should now have access to use this feature.   And as a special bonus, we live streamed the actual coding process of implementing it.   Its a short video and gives a cool behind the scenes look on how FWS does what it does.


Live Coding Sessions!


Back a few years ago, I would hang out with software engineers and developers in my office and we would code on framework sites core and modules.   We would make mistakes, laugh with each other, learn new things and have a good time writing software and exploring new ideas.  Many years have passed, kids, work, and busy lives... but while watching a live stream on for a game I was playing - I was thinking, "I wonder if I could code online, I could still hang out with people having fun coding with them?"  

And there was my  < light bulb > moment.

Today I will start inviting friends to come watch, and participate in my coding ventures.  Watch my coding precess, laugh at my mistakes, and cheer when things work.  Then it occured to me I had no idea how to broadcast.   I have done quite a bit of audio production, but video... not so much.   After some research I chose, and OBS to start.   It wasn't hard to set up and it seemed to work pretty good.  Not being a AV guy I ran into some issue with bit-rate, HD, and a few other odds and ends, but for a first rough pass it is in my opinion: "better than sucks".

Our new page is here:

You can click into Justin.Tv and chat in real time while we work or just watch,  ask questions or shoot the beeze.   Check it out and follow the page so you will be notified when we are online doing stuff to FrameWork Sites!

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